Trail Maintenance

One of the many volunteer activities available here at Smithgall Woods pertains to the maintenance of our wonderful hiking trails.

Each of our trails requires occasional “picking up after”, particularly following inclement weather. As a volunteer you can help us keep an eye on the trails by “adopting” one of them. While hiking along your trail, pick up small limbs, etc., you know could be a trip hazard or in the way of other hikers. Small tree limbs and other obstacles are picked up and put off to the side of the trail; taking care not to lay them on top of other live vegetation.

The use of small hand pruning tools is permitted by volunteers in the park to cut back small limbs or brush hanging into the trail which may cause injury or otherwise obstruct the pathway. Volunteers are not allowed to transport or use power equipment of any kind in the park. Large tree falls that require the use of power equipment to remove are reported to the attendant at the front desk of the Visitor’s Center. To properly report the location of this kind of trail hazard, please identify where the problem is relative to nearby trail markers or other landmarks.

This activity not only provides good exercise, but when done on a somewhat regular basis, helps with one of the many treasures found at Smithgall Woods; its hiking trails.