Geocaching is a treasure hunt using GPS coordinates to find the treasure. A cache box is hidden somewhere accessible. Sometimes the location is easy, sometimes not so easy. The coordinates are taken and submitted to and then are posted on the Internet. Anyone interested in caches in their area can go on-line (it’s free to register) and can see a map with all the available geocaches and what kind of cache it is. There are different kinds of caches. The next step is to set the coordinates in your GPS and off you go. Kids love treasure hunts, so it’s a great inexpensive family activity if you already have a GPS. Inside the box are trinkets and a log. Write your “geocache name” on the log and take one of the trinkets, but you have to put something else in to replace it. When you get home, log onto the geocaching website again and post that you’ve been there. You can keep track of the number of caches you’ve discovered and there are clubs that initiate the newbies. We have a lot of local geocachers and LOTS of caches around White and Habersham counties. Anyone that likes to hike, explore, and find treasure should give it a try.

Georgia State Parks has geocaches in 42 state parks, including one Smithgall Woods!

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